Saggy Breasts? Firm them up before it’s too late

Breast health is important, whether you’re 14 or 40. It doesn’t only mean to make them look fuller or any particular way; it’s more about their overall health too. For example, keeping your breasts clean, moisturized and taking a diet that enhances your breast health. However, one thing that you can’t ignore is the sagginess of breasts over time; regardless of their size or appearance, almost all types of breasts start to sag when you enter your thirties. 

What can you do? Take daily care of your breast, starting from a young age to avoid sagging. But what if you already have saggy breasts? Relax, that’s why I’m writing today. Just read on.

Essential Oil Massage

Essential oils are rich in multivitamins, antioxidants, and various other micronutrients that our body needs, but we often avoid them, knowingly or unknowingly. Essential oils moisturize your breasts and help them reduce the signs of aging, such as surface spots and sagginess.
So, which oils can you use on your breasts? Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, emu oil, and primrose oil, but be cautious with primrose, test for any allergic reaction on a skin patch before using it on your breast. 

How do you use them? Take a few drops on your palm and massage gently in an anticlockwise and upward direction. Do it for 8 to 10 minutes daily. Don’t overdo it and don’t even think of being vigorous. Be gentle. 

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