This is why you can’t orgasm easily!

Ahh! The most complicated topic ever, “Women Orgasms.” It’s important for each one of us to reach climax and feel satisfied. What are the mistakes that we’re making on our part that’s keeping us from getting the ultimate pleasure? Without wasting much of your time today, I’ll start right away with the important aspects.

Washing your genitals with cold water

This is a common habit and probably a wrong one that most of us wash our private area with cold water. Coldwater damages the delicate nerves and skin around the vagina, making it less sensitive to touch. Sometimes it’s okay to use cold water to relax the nerves, but doing it daily could really damage your orgasm cycles. The less sensitive it becomes, the harder it is for you to orgasm. Though it is best to use lukewarm water, you may also use normal running tap water.

Not eating enough healthy fats

Healthy fats like Omega-3, Oleic Acid, Vitamin K 12 are essential for your libido. They promote sexual health by helping you optimize your sex hormones. Healthy fats help you maintain lubrication in your body, including your vagina. Yes! You need good fats in your body to keep your sex life hot and steamy. Good Cholesterol conditions our body and allows better orgasms. Don’t stop yourself from eating those extra avocados or the tuna that you’ve been eyeing for. After all, it’s for the sake of your pleasure and happiness. Grab those Cod liver vitamins next time you visit the store.  

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